Friday, April 9, 2010

US Road trip 2011 - Premiere !!

We've drawn the first ish-route for our American road trip, which will be the 5th country (after Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador) we'll cross for our "Round The World Visit 2011" 

If you know any nice place to trek in or visit, let us know! Thanks!

New York - Boston - Chicago - Saint Louis - Salt Lake City - Portland - San Francisco - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Monument Valley - Los Angeles.

6,222 miles.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scotland ! Easter Break

A few weeks ago, Yumi and I were thinking about were to go for the Easter break. Yumi came up with a great idea: Let's ask C├ędric and Audrey if we can go to THEIR place in Edinburgh.
20 minutes later it was sorted. We were going to Scotland for Easter! :)

Above near the "Scots Monument" in downtown Edinburgh

We left London on Thursday April 1st by train and visited Edinburgh on Friday. We packed our bags (light) and headed to Fort William, some 3h North West of "Auld Reekie -or "Old Smoky" in Scottish-.
Edinburgh was nicknamed "Old Smoky" because many years ago, when the buildings were heated by coal and wood fires, the chimneys would spew thick columns of smoke into the air. Oh, and Edinburgh is twinned with Nice in France. Waow, who feels more clever now?

We walked in the Highlands and saw a few abandoned castles. It was good to breath some fresh air, and on top of that,  the weather was great. No Seriously. The sky was mostly blue.

Scottish Moo-moos or "Highland Cows"

Hike in the "Lost Valley".

The Lost Valley was where the Macdonalds were supposed to hide the cattle they had rustled from their neighbours, (or perhaps, where they hid their cattle to stop them being rustled by their neighbours, who the heck knows!?)

The cool part is that the geologists tell us that the lost valley was formed by the weight of ice that could not escape from the valley as the huge ice cap flowed down to the sea through the pass of Glencoe from off Rannoch Moor. The size of the valley still comes as a complete surprise the first time it is viewed.

Thomas got to kickass (himself) too

- Got crampons?
- Nope
- Doh!

After the "Lost Valley", we went back to "home" but couldn't help taking some stunning pics from "Les Hautes-Terres D'Ecosse", which -let's be honest- sounds much better to be written in French.