Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Forest

Another trip, yet short and much closer to civilisation than usual...Not that we were not prepared anyway! :)

We knew it would be wet. It always is when we travel with Justin and Kasia :)

Being close to civilisation (i.e. pub) is a perfect opportunity to pack light. No worries, we'll be fine even if we forget something. We barely had spare clothing and took a summer sleeping bag (Thomas didn't learn from Dartmoor last year, when he froze his French ass in a hammock). It helped reducing our backpacks' weight considerably. Ideal for our RTW trip!

We arrived in Brockenhurst on Friday night and headed straight to the campsite (for once!). it was crazy, there were hot water and showers! We are not used to such luxury when we travel.

It was good fun as we built a shelter in the forest. The funny funny thing is that it was pissing rain when we built it, and it all stopped when we finished it. So we ate...next to our shelter. :)

We walked "off the track" as much as possible, but in the New Forest, you are never far from a track (or a massive pile of poo...).

It was a chilled out weekend, no need to rush, so more time to look around, and Yumi is now motivated to go to the forest and learn which trees/plants/mushrooms are good for you.