Around the World!

That's it!

In 2011, we'll be off for a little trip around the Earth. That's it! Byyyyye!

The "plan" is to go to:
- Argentina, land in Buenos Aires and take the bus to Bariloche, then go to
- Chile and theeeen make our way to
- Bolivia. After testing our mountain bike skills on the Road of Death, we'll arrive in
- Peru and carry on all the way to
- Ecuador and the galapagos. We'll fly back to
- Chile, just for a quickie as we'll be in

- New Zealand soon after that.
- Australia is the next stage, but just for a week, before our journey takes us to

- Thailand,
- Myanmar,
- Laos,
- Cambodia and
- Vietnam. We'll then cross the border to
- China, take the train to
- Tibet and somehow make our way through provincial China to reach
- Mongolia. After that, we'll fly to Beijing and Hong Kong (no, but the big ugly Gorilla...)

The next stage is sporty: We'll cycle 2,000 for a charity in
- Japan, down to the southermost tip of Kyushu. After that, we'll take a boat to Pusan in
- South Korea and fly to Beijing again.this will be our last Asian stop as we'll fly back to Europe and

- England. We'll spend the last month of the year in
- France in Toulouse

...and the route would look like this. Ish. Best case scenario. Really.

There is a "B plan" though.
We just haven't thought about it yet...


As part of our trip, Yumi and I have decided cycle across Japan to raise money for Advance, a London based charity helping women against domestic violence, (

This journey will take us through 2,500 grueling miles across the Land Of The Rising Sun for a good cause.
To achieve our goal, we've decided to contact some outdoor gear retailers to provide us with equipment which, ultimately can make the difference between failing and succeeding in this adventure.

In return, we would wear your products, advertise your company on our blog, write articles and take pictures in the most scenic places in Japan. If you feel there is something else that we could do to thank you, please let us know and we will look into this.

To help us in our Quest: please email us on