Monday, August 16, 2010

Corsica '10!

Having slept 10h in the previous 5 days, (proper) holidays came at the perfect time for Thomas. Coincidence? no no no. Have no doubt: Yumi was ready for some sun and Corsican food too!

We stayed in the village, less than a km from Grandpa's house. There were no plan B, but there were no plan A either. We only wanted to fit some:
- beach volleyball
- food
- trekking
- food
- helping Grandpa in the garden
- food
- see friends and family
- food
- chilling/relaxing time

oh, and have some good food too.

It worked perfectly as we did all of the above. We love it when a no-plan plan comes together.

It was great to spend some quiet time at the local beach. It's not the most beautiful beach in Corsica, but Thomas likes it, he's been going there for 29 years after all :)

On the first day we met Thomas's childhood friends Antoine, Jeremy and Audrey, as well their other halves: Sandy, Marion and Romain respectively. Wicked time. Thomas was sleeping -at the table- by 11pm. Was it the 2h we slept the previous night or the past 5 days training 1h per day that tired him, we'll never know...

The other days were a mix of playing some beach vball, swimming, going to the villages around, gardening. We also went to the Restonica Valley, near Corte in the centre of the island. It's a great place, it's not too busy as the trails are not so easy. We walked to the  lac du Melo and the Lac du Capitello.

The views were amazing and the weather was great too. we were a bit light on water (only 1.5l for both of us) but a little swim in the lac du Capitello managed to keep us cool for the way down. We were at about 2000m and the car park was at 1200m so the way down was tough on the knees but we managed it just fine, needing only a Diabolo-Menthe to recover.

ok, and an ice cream too.
oh, and some wild boar when we got home. hmmmm. Thomas is still drooling about it! :)

We had a lovely time there and before we knew it, we were back in London, but hey, we returned to "The Old Smoke" with our heads filled with great memories and good laughs as well as figatelli, donkey sausage, pastis and some other good wild boar paté, so we won't complain about it! :)