About Us


As of September 2011, we will cycle across Japan to raise money for Advance, a London based charity helping women against domestic violence, (http://www.advanceadvocacyproject.org.uk/). This journey will take us through 2,500 grueling miles across the Land Of The Rising Sun for a good cause.

Please help us and donate what you wish on our JustGiving page (http://www.justgiving.com/yumiandthomas) or give us a hand and Sponsor us!  


Yumi was born in the second part of the 20th century in a Californian village. She went to school and started playing basketball and volleyball where she excelled.

She then moved from the land of Magic Johnson to an even smaller village called "Chicago" (pronounce Chee-ka-go!") to pursue her studies. 

In 2003, she swam to London (from Chicago) and decided to stay there.

Which is where she met Thomas...

Thomas was also born on the second part of the 20th century, but later than Yumi. 

Although he was born in "The City of Light" and that he grew up in the "Pink City", also called Toulouse,  his roots are 200% Corsican (of which France is part). 

He'd rather camp in his Corsican garden next to the figues trees than in a bed. He moved to London because he thought he could speak English... Fool.
Which is where he met Yumi...

After trying to understand each other for many years (going for 7!), they finally got together and have started to explore different parts of the world together.

Their plans for 2010 are rather modest with only the US of A, Scotland and Corsica in mind but 2011 seems to be more...interesting.

They are indeed going for it! 19 countries are on the menu! They'll travel around the world together for 12 months!

 oh...and they still live in London, for now :)