Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We made it to St Louis! (hey, did you know it was named afer the French King?)

We arrived on Saturday 13th, after a short stopover at Chicago. It was already freakin' cold: -8 degrees!

As soon as we arrived in St Louis, we said a quick "Hello!" to Tiffany, Carlos and the kids Meli and Catalina.

An hour later and "Titi Yumi" and I were at the Scottrade Center to watch the blues against the Capitals. It was a great game and the spectators were really living it up, our neighbour screaming every single time the Blues had the puck.

On Sunday we went to downtown St Louis; it was cold. Really cold: -13 degrees! Brrrr.
The Gateway Arch on the Shore of the Missouri River is impressive. We couldn't get to the top as it was fully booked -how? we don't know as there were only a handful of people around!- and the visibility was really bad too.

On Monday we tried the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, 5 miles down the road, only to find it closed. It was Presidents' day...

Today we made our way to the "Magic House" with Tiff and the girls. It was good fun seeing Yumi playing with electrostatic generator and the giant pin screen. We got some cool impressions with it.



As soon as we get home, the TV is normally switched on and we follow the Olympic Games. Niiiice. :)  Thomas is obsessed with hockey.

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