Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Microsoft wallpaper, but for real

Today is a laguna and animal day.  We visit Laguna Chaxa and see flamingos up close and in flight.  At Lagunas Miscanti and Miniques we see more flamingos, black duck and vicunas.

Jorge has us walk dynamically for 45 minutes at 4300m to start our preparation for Licancabur.  We both find the walk very easy.  The scenery is stunning.  It reminds us f the Microsoft wallpaper with gold fields and blue sky, but it's better of course because it is real.

The next morning we get up at 4:30am to catch El Tatio geysers at sunrise.  To be honest, we weren't wowed by the geysers, but we were in left a bit stunned by the number of people who ignored warnings and would get very close to the 85 degree celsius water.

Day 2 of prep for Licancabur.  We are to climb Cerro Copacoya (5000m) for 45 minutes.  The climb is not hard on the legs, but we can hear our hearts pounding faster and harder than usual.  After climbing for almost an hour, we slide down the mountain.  Both Jorge and us are happy with how we coped with the altitude.

Later, we meet with Maurcio, the guide who will take us up Licancabur the following day.  No meat, chocolate or sugary alcohol tonight.  What were we planning to have for dinner?  Steak and pisco sour.  Oh well.  Pasta, it is then.  How is Thomas going to cope?

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