Thursday, April 7, 2011

Queen Charlotte sound

There are many sounds which surround Picton, on the North side of the South island. The legend has it that a Maori God created the sounds with his fingers.

Yumi had read about the Queen Charlotte sound and the track that goes along it. It is 72km long in total but we don't have that much time so we decided to walk from Torea Bay to Punga Bay, some 25km away.

A water taxi dropped us at 9am and would pick us up at 4pm. It was a cloudy day and it rained from time to time so it was not the best day for pictures but the views were outstanding. The tracks follows ridges so you can see both the QC and the  sounds. 

After we stopped for lunch we met some people who started from Punga Bay. It took them 4h to get there. It was 1pm which meant we needed to hurry up if we wanted to catch our taxi back to Picton. 

By the 6th hour we just wanted to get there. It was a nice walk in the forest but we were getting a bit tired and so were were happy to make ; we finally made it to Punga Bay after a long and steep downhill and chatted with local fishermen. There was no time for a beer refreshment as the water taxi arrived to take us back to Picton

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