Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thank you!

Before we go:

BIG special Thank you to our new friends, people who didn't know us before we landed but gave us an incredible amount of information and advice. Most importantly they gave us their time. Without them it would have been very hard to get what we got in 5 days. Thank you all!

- Scott who cycled across Japan himself last year, for the valuable information and dozens of emails he sent us over the pat 12 months as well as finding the time to meet us after work to give us an idea of the route we should take.

Scott, Thomas and Yumi

- Brodie for his emails and advice.

- Matsui-san from the bicycle shop Psychrism for preparing the bikes in a very short amount of time.

Thomas, Yumi and Matsui-san

- Saito-san who helped us to ship our backpacks from Tokyo to Makurazaki and did a bunch of travel research for us.

- Iwao-san -who cycled from Tokyo to the Atlantic ocean a few years ago- for opening his flat to us -for 7 days!- and even gave us his keys a few hours after meeting us as he was going away on business to Kyoto for 4 days! as well as giving us directions to leave Tokyo.

Ciao for now. 

PS: Thank you to Go and Asako for the delicious meals and your support. It was great to see you again! Take care and see you soon!

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  1. You look great with your new bikes! That sounds crazy to ride 4000 kms but I'm sure you can achieve it. Follow Scott's advices, this should help! And take the short cuts if needed...Take care,