Sunday, November 13, 2011

South Korea - our 15th country

After 3 fantastic months we say "sayonara" to Japan and "ahn young!" to South Korea

 The first of many Korean BBQs eaten during our 10 day stay 

Having fun with technology 

 Inside Shinsengae, the largest department store in the world

Korea's great wall, Geumjeongsanseong Fortress

 Thomas in training to become a temple guardian

Inside Beomeosa temple

Love hotels are nice, clean, cheap and FUN places to stay in Korea 

 We loved our room so much we didn't want to leave it.  Huge flat screen tv, computer, jet stream bath, rain shower, fridge, tons of toiletries and best of popcorn!

The astronomical observatory of Cheomseongdae in Gyeongju

Anapji Pond

Monks at Bulguksa temple

Three Royal Tombs in Bae-ri

Warming up before the big hike

 It's no wonder why Koreans love to hike with views like these.  We felt a little out of place with our dull black jackets.  All the real hikers wore bright yellow, orange or pink jackets.  And don't forget the tight trousers! 

Luckily for Thomas we don't live in this house

Koreans take cycling seriously.  They left their helmets on for the entire show.

The traditional Korean mask dance was dragging on a bit when suddenly...

Guess who was chosen out of the all Korean crowd?  Here is Thomas receiving a box of treats for his dancing effort.  The other dancer Eyal kindly offered to let us stay at his place in Seoul.

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