Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 2 in LA: busy day!

It was only Day 2 and we were so busy already: Cutsco, Beach and Ice Hockey in the schedule
1- Shop at cutsco
Maaaaaaaaan! Zee Americans see big! This shop is huge :) nothing much to say apart from that...

 2- Venice beach

It was a nice walk along the Pacific Ocean. Venice beach is a bit like Camden Town in London, there are a lot of stalls and any souvenir a tourist dreams of :)

The weather was great and it was not packed (we are not big fans of the crowd -See our afternoon on Holywood Boulevard-). There are a few stalls and it smels like some kind of South American herbs (or was it Moroccan weed?). There’s also a skate park full of Tony Hawks wannabees, enjoying being watched by tourists. Thomas was just watching them fall all over, wondering how the heck you can stay on skateboards anyway...

We walked by muscle beach, where Yumi perved at some guys in tight speedos showing off, while Thomas was looking away in disgust...
Muscle beach is part of Venice beach. “Arnie” or “Governator” used to train there. Waow...

4- We then drove West (we really couldn't go Eastern than were we were...) to the Stapples Centre, home of the LA Kings. They played against Minesota Wild (That's ice hockey)
We were all excited as it was our first NHL game.
The atmosphere was great, the Kings losing 3-1 but coming back at 3-3 just before the end of the 3rd period. We were still celebrating when Minesota scored to seal the game at 4-3. It was a great game though and the show on and off the ice were amazing. No wonder why the Americans can bring some many people in an arena every 2 nights!

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