Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 3 in LA: San Diego

Today we drove to San Diego to visit my friend Aurélie. She moved there after her studies in Toulouse a few years ago.

It was a nice drive in the old Suzuki on the Oceanside. It just took us a couple of hours to drive from La Habra. Before we knew it we were in San Diego Old Town, eating Mexican food. :)

Wearing shorts and tshirts didn't really make us feel it was winter holidays but who cares? It was good fun!

We also went to Soledad mount in La Jolla Natural Park. We could see SD in the distance.

After a short walk in La Jolla beach, we had to go back to LA, just in time to go to Kyoto Sushis, Yumi's uncle's place.

Great food. Thomas lost to "Okaasan" ("Okaasan" means "Mum" in Japanese) in the fight to pay the bill.

Another great and busy day in the US of A! :)

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