Sunday, May 29, 2011

Honour Village Cambodia

3 days ago Prhom, the chilled out owner of the guest house we stay at in Siem Reap told us about this English lady who set up an orphanage out of town. We felt like going there to find out a bit more and see if we could do something useful.
After randomly meeting Hailey a South African volunteer at the orphanage who also stays at the guest house we decided to cycle to Honour Village on Saturday. We ended up going back on Sunday too.

The village was built for kids from poor background but also children whom parents have remarried and do not accept them in the new family. 

We were not really sure about what to do or how to act once we got there. We were drenched in sweat after a gruelling 45mins of cycling in a very hot (about 35degrees) and humid weather but the kids didn't seem to care and came towards us to introduce themselves. They are a really well behaved smiling and  kids and it was great to get the chance to share some time and plays with them.

It is difficult to believe how much these kids have gone through, how little they have and how happy they seemed to be. Since their first day at the village, they've been told they were all brothers and sisters and they should care for each other. They also learn English which could give them a nicer job when they grow up as Cambodia's doors are now opened to welcome more foreign visitors every year to discover this amazing country.

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