Thursday, May 12, 2011

Huay Xai to Luang Namtha

Good Morning Lao!

After getting our visas - $30 and $35 USD, guess who paid more? - at Huay Xai we looked for transportation to Luang Namtha, a small ish town 1h South of the Chinese border. The road was not bad at all as it was built by the Chinese to export to Thailand. The rest of the Lao roads are still dirt roads with huge pot holes, especially in the mountains.

Luang Namtha is split in 2 parts: the old town on the South side and the new town some 10km North. We had to take a taxi to the new town where we’d look for a guesthouse. It was easily done and we went for a walk in the scorching heat to look for stuff to do. And eat.

We ended up at the Green Discovery office which offers tours and inside we met Katherine and Sille from Denmark who were also looking for a trek to do. After chatting for a couple of minutes we decided to go for a 2 day tour, 1 day trek to a remote village where we’d spend the night and 1 day kayaking to go back to civilisation.  It turned out to be THE best tour…

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