Saturday, March 12, 2011

Galapagos: Take 2

The 5 am wake up call was worth it as we were the first in the queue at the airport.  Unfortunately, no one seemed to have a clue as to what to do.  After a few minutes, we were given handwritten boarding passes.  Hmmm.....  Oh well, Step 1 completed.  We were happy, but don't get too excited as we still have fears that we might get bumped from the flight.

We boarded the plane, but there are people in our seats.  Oh no!  No worries.  Due to confusion, LAN has decided to do free seating, Ryanair style.  Step 2 done.

We had a stopover in Guayaquil and had to disembark.  Another chance to be bumped.  After 30 minutes we successfully boarded the plane again.  Whew.  Step 3 ticked.

After a bit of a bumpy ride, we touched down in Galapagos.  Step 4 finished!  We made it and it was sunny and hot.  Animals, here we come!  

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