Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Toilet tips for South America

When going to the baño in South America, don´t expect:
  • to use it for free (always carry small change with you)
  • toilet paper (it´s a good idea to steal...uh, stock up when it is available)
  • to throw toilet paper in the toilet (the plumbing cannot handle it)
  • toilet seat covers (who knew they were a luxury)
  • toilet seats (you´ll build up your quads with all the squatting)
  • running water in the toilet or to wash your hands (who needs running water when a bucket will do)
Expect to be very impressed when you find a SSHH* with all of the above available

*the sign for toilets in Ecuador and Peru (stands for Servicios Hygienico) or as we like to think of it, the sounds you hear in the toilet

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  1. How NZ looks like after the recent earthquake? What's the plan now? most probably a change compared to South America. We'll keep the tips for any future trip over there. Please continue to keep us posted when you get the chance. Later.