Saturday, March 19, 2011


We stayed on the Santa Cruz Island and booked day tours to Isla Floreana, Isla Bartolome -our favourite- and Isla Isabela. Check the map below it will make more sense.

Wild life is amazing, many species of plants and animals are endemic and the people care about their environment. There's not crime or litter on the Galapagos islands, which makes it even more of a paradise on Earth.

 Isla Floreana. Apparently the first people from the Galapagos carved this rock. It doesn't look natural, does it?

 Still on Floreana, near giant tortoises. There are 12 species of giant tortoises in the world. 11 are endemic in the Galapagos.

A Galapagos hawk. We were very lucky to see it land right next to us!

 Mini Yumi hidding behind a giant tortoise on Santa Cruz

Getting the food ready on Calle de los kioskos in Puerto Ayora.

 For those who saw "Finding Nemo" it felt just like it

White tip sharks are harmless to the humans however it scares the s**t out of you when you see them for the first time just below you, when the visibility is just 4 meters...

It is hard to describe with words what we've seen during our 5 day stay in the Galapagos, so click on "BEST OF GALAPAGOS" to check out our pics.


  1. This was definitively one of the top spots of your world tour... Great photos and amazing animals! You've already gathered so many souvenirs, what's next in NZ? Can't wait seeing photos ahead. Safe flight towards Auckland!

  2. We've been to many amazing places, all great in different aspects, but it is true that the Galapagos islands had a little extra that made them one of the few paradise spots on Earth. We'll keep looking for more!

    no plan for NZ, we rent a van and go with the flow.

  3. Great pics .. can i use some of them for my web site? .. you look so great there .. please!

    JHover Alvarez
    Galapagos Guide