Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twinkle, twinkle little star in a cave

We just missed the last tour of a glow warm cave the day before, so we decided to try our luck with the Waipu Caves even though we were told that they were probably flooded due to the recent rains.  The caves are free (score!).

We went in the first time with our shoes and head torches.  We tried the second time with our flip flops because as we were warned, they were filled with water.  We walked through thigh high water while the ceiling of the cave was just above our heads.

Thankfully, the water wasn't too cold.  We didn't make it too far before we had to turn back.  But it was worth it because as soon as we turned off our torches we were treated to a spectacular light show.

The glow worms illuminate in the dark.  Unfortunately, the photos don't do them justice at all.  Just imagine that you are looking at the stars, but inside a cave.

We saw another car in the carpark when we arrived, but it was gone by the time we returned.  The odd thing was that we kept hearing voices or so we thought, but  we didn't see or pass anyone while inside the cave.

Souvenirs from our visit: a bruised elbow and knee from when Yumi slipped the first time and a mud mark on her butt from the second fall.

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