Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Road sign humour-updated

We get a kick out of some of the road signs in New Zealand.

Like the 100km/h sign right before a curve that indicates 35km/h.  One of our favourites: "Merge like a zip".

We also have a sticker on our windscreen that states, "Keep Left."  Too bad it is placed on the passenger side.  At least the passenger is aware of where to be.

Our all time favourite sign welcoming us to a new town: No hospital, no doctor, one cemetary


  1. Did you take some pictures from road signs for me???
    Enjoy your trip.

  2. yep! we have a funny one! drop me a line (otherwise i'll forget) and i'll send it to you! ciao

  3. About the driving... I understand sooooooooo well Yumi! The first hundreds km in NZ were really hard for me, Cynthia was telling me every 15 minutes "keep left". And about the question "how do you recognise a foreigner driving in NZ?", try the answer "when you have a van on the wrong side of the road in town with cars in front"
    Have fun guys!