Monday, January 3, 2011

Bags are almost packed!

Good news!

We are getting there!

It was about time, we leave in 4 days :)
Yumi has packed her back and it's empty. We can't weight her backpack, but I'd say it's about 10kg.

 Watch this space, it's worth it! :)

Wanna know what's inside? Click here!
 If you think we've forgotten something, let us know and email us:

As there is more air than stuff in our bags, we've decided to take shower gel (rather than buying it there, that is. We had planned to take showers) and other bits and pieces I can't think of now.

I'll take my favourite pair of trousers but I honestly don't think they'll survive January. I guess I'll have to replace them with some "Made In Argetina".

We've also packed a box which will be sent to Tokyo by Nico after we leave. Inside are our Bicycle essentials: clothes, trainers, helmets, horn (a really fun one bought by Santa Cécé, you'll find out more in September, hehe), gloves, tent, shirts, bicycle lights and high visibility jackets. It was worth doing it as it costs much less to send all this to Tokyo rather than buying new equipment once we get there. It will also save us some precious time :)

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