Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hola desde Argentina!

That's it Friends, we landed in a stormy weather yesterday in Diego Maradona kingdom!

Our bags were waiting for us  :)
Yumi's bag is 10.1kg while mine is 11.8kg. We don't know what we've forgotten yet :)

We met David in the plane, and his brother kindly dropped us off in front of our hostel in the San Telmo area.

We walked in town and enjoyed the baking heat. It was about 30 degrees and at 4.30pm, as the sun was probably setting in London, it higher than ever here. Summer. Woohoo!

Tonight, it's tango night, olé. it should be fun!
Pictures will come later

Hasta luego for now!


  1. Hi!!!

    wish you a wonderful year and a great travel around the world
    ¿how was your tango night?


  2. okok, don't push our luck too much by telling us how good the weather is over there and how bad it is in London ... Grrrr !!! Good to hear to made it ... alive to BA.

  3. Good Luck to you Guys, sorry i couldn't make it to your leaving do, went sick on the way New-Delhi - London thanks to British airways cucumber salad.
    Pace e salute per voi ;)

  4. happy to hear you've safely arrived! Looking forward to the next updates.. I already miss you far too much!