Sunday, January 2, 2011

Challenge 2.0!

If you've read us yesterday, you'll know that we want to do our 1,000 push ups in Jan.

I made a huge error though. I discussed that with my step dad Didier, who said he'd join our challenge but would like to add 3,000 abs to it. "Sure!" said Yumi. "Doh"! said Thomas.

Anyway, it's more of a mental challenge so anybody can test themself and do it, so feel free to join our January Challenge. :)

Remember, it's 1,000 push ups and 3,000 abs (any type of abs you can think of) before the 1st of Feb 2011.

Who's in?


  1. Can I join in? Mentally that is? Damn, I'm two days down. Ergh!

  2. C'mon Jewlz, you can do it :)
    btw, we look forward to seeing you in Sydney!

    talk soon

  3. Hi Yumi and Thomas!! one word- wow!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with your adventures! Look forward to following your journey! xo, vicky y.

  4. Can't wait to have you guys here in Sydney either! Your trip is definitely heating up! Make sure you pack some cable ties (they always come in handy n very light to carry). And my sit ups / push ups are well, still non-existent! haha xxx

  5. We'll think about you guys. Sounds like a great world tour ahead...Can't wait to see photos and comments! Take care!
    And safe flights tomorrow up to Argentina. Later,

  6. Hi Yumi and Thomas,

    just to let you know, I am done with my push ups and abs, so i will double it and do another 1000 push ups and 3000 abs again.