Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bus tickets to El Chalten

This is it.

We leave Bariloche on Sunday at 8pm and arrive in El Chalten on Monday at 11.30pm. There is no comfy coche-cama like the one we took from Buenos Aires to Bariloche, only a clasico bus, like any normal bus, and it's a dirt road. This morning a retired Israeli couple told me "ahh, bad road, bad road. don't do it". Thanks guys.

We'll stay in El Chalten for 3 days, go to El Calafate for another 3 and come back to bariloche -via Ruta 3- on February 7th.


  1. vous deviez avoir les fesses en compote à l'arrivée à El Chalten

  2. Enjoy the trip towards El Chalten. Stay safe during this long trip on the "clasico bus". We'll continue to think about you. Photos are awesome! Later.

  3. Hi You wonderful travellers. The glacier looked amazing! I am very impressed with all the walking you are doing, great training for your epic bike ride. Continue to meet great people that's what makes a trip. Enjoy it all
    Love Bear