Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From Buenos Aires to Bariloche

Buenos dias a todos!

After 20h and 1600km in a bus, we have made it to Bariloche. We booked a "coche cama" (bus-bed) which is the equivalent of the business class in planes. There's plenty of space and you can sleep comfortably. 

We didn't see the time go by and we woke up in the middle of the Pampa.

Buenos Aires was great and it was a shame to leave it as we made a couple of good friends there. Stacey from New Hampshire, who is at the end of a 6 months trip in South America and Andre from Sao Paulo, who travelled to BA and Uruguay on a 2 week holiday break.

BA was quite empty and sometimes you just wonder where the people are, but it’s good for pictures J
We have walked across town and seen pretty much everything that can be seen in 3 days: from Evita’s tomb to Boca Junior stadium and its colourful neighbourhood: La Boca. We also went for a tango show and learned some tango moves, which we demonstrated to some people in the lounge of the hostel with our backpacks on (we were asked to as we were leaving and we felt so confident we couldn't say no).

We’ve learned that in BA everything is “2 blocks away”, there’s no rush, people are smiling, you can eat amazing sandwiches far away from the touristy area near the zona ecologica (which is closed on Mondays) and that –according to Andre- the “women’s bridge” looks like a man.

We were advised to go to the Tigre river, north of BA, but there's only so much we can do, and we know that we will miss nice places, wherever we go. We only have to focus on the amazing things we'll discover rather than the ones we cannot visit. Life is easy.

We are slowly getting used to being in summer and on holiday. We haven’t realised yet the extent of our journey, which is only starting...

Talk soon

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