Friday, January 21, 2011

One more week in Bariloche

Hi All!

It's Friday already and Yumi has just finished her first week of Spanish lessons!
She is at school from 9am to 1pm and in the meantime, I either walk around, train-ish and mainly check what we think we are going to do next!

It has rained from time to time and the wind here is just so powerful that you prefer to stay inside, but we've managed to do something fun pretty much everyday.

Walk to Cerro Otto, which is about 5km away from our place. We do most of the travels by foot and our bodies are used to all this walking by now.

Go to the beach: As you can see the weather can be stormy around here

And a hike to Lago Guiterrez, 15km south of Bariloche

We've also moved in to our host family. They are very nice and easy to talk to.
The view from the balcony is great (if you look straight ahead and not below) as you can see most of the Nahuel Huapi lake and the Andes.

We are heading South next Sunday to El Chalten, a small hiking village located some 28h by bus on a bumpy road. We'll update you on this one!

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  1. Your pictures are great and your plans sound really cool! You guys look and sound (read) like you're really enjoying it all...really happy for you! Keep the updates going! Maureen